Monday, 30 October 2017

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

With the latest Marvel movie about to hit the screens on 3rd Nov'17, I am being personally tutored to understand the background stories and specific super powers of the various characters in movie. I love super-hero fantasy movies as much as the person next to me, save my mom who doesn't understand what the whole fuss is about! I was so aggravated at having to explain to her that the man on screen could burn holes with his vision, fly and lift loads the size of the earth while kissing his girl. And yes, yes that's a DC movies hero, I know! Hmm, when I know all this why are my kids hell-bent on tutoring me? Just so that I don't nag them while watching the movie about, who's this, why is his hair short, didn't he have an evil brother, why are they friends now, what's his power exactly....!! Yes, life has come a full circle, I am now a certified, pesky, under-informed parent myself.

Hmmph! Little do those brats know of the in-house super-power! Arghh, no I don't mean the dad! Well, he does have this incredible power - To go into REM sleep state in less than 2 seconds. But no, I am talking of a much more technologically advanced!

Raised eyebrows, disbelieving smile, a snigger, oh yes, I can imagine you're doing all of that. But what I can I say, it just happens to be the truth.

Curious are you?
Well, might as well be out with it, this post is after all meant to uncover the new challenge to Gal Gadot and any other Guy Gods!
So, wait for it, I have this amazing, Power of Technology Manipulation and Disruption (PTMD)! Wow or what? You no comprenez? Okay lesser mortals, it is the power to disrupt electronic/electromagnetic signals.

I've been doing it unknowingly for years, blaming it on everything from freakish coincidences to plain sabotage. But with age comes wisdom (duh!), so I eventually caught on. What exactly does this power do, you wonder? Well in lay terms, I can tamper with electronic gadgets anywhere within a radius of 5-10 feet of me. Currently, my powers are limited to disabling devices/ gadgets but I am sure there will be a yang to every yin, and it is just a matter of time before this super-mom hones and fine-tunes her power to desired results. Imagine with a swish of my hand, all gadgets come to life, purring in a contented hum...instead of dying on me!

I fondly recollect how it all started; with simple feats of the tubelight fusing out when I switched it on, the hot plate getting short circuited, the doorbell falling off when I rang. Aww, the wonder years! Over the years, I have bamboozled desktops, laptops into crashing irrevocably, camera memory cards getting corrupted, mobile phones losing battery charge faster than you can take a leak, the entire house fusebox breaking down....and so on. 

It is hard not to brag, but since I've started the ball rolling, let me proceed. I believe my powers have now expanded sufficiently to operate remotely. I can jam TV channels! Yes, it is true! I just need the intent. I just need to relax, settle down to view a program, and unconsciously enjoy it. Voila, the channel just blacks out. All other channels will work perfectly, save for the channel I  want to view. Mind you, this is not a one time event! I have achieved this consistently over several channels, service providers through so many years now! Ahh, the travails of having super-powers, of having to sacrifice watching and enjoying movies with the family! 

Speaking of family, a burden I hold to my chest is the fact that I haven't come out about my secret with them. You know how it is, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, all these chaps keep their super-hero lives a secret from family, to protect them. Well, I am keeping the secret from my family to save....myself from their wrath! After all, it doesn't hold you in good stead to reveal that you are the reason the laptop crashes so often along with the long line of gadgets that keep falling sick, sometimes fatally so! When any such calamity strikes, we all wisely nod our heads in resignation and say, "We are fated to bad luck with all gadgets!"

Much as I fancy sporting a fancy, non-latex-custom-made-for-Indian-sizes, super hero costume and flaunting my powers, I am damned by their very disruptive nature. Who wants a circuit breakdown or a TV blackout when a super hero walks in? 
No matter, I just need to channelize the powers the other way around. Ermm, maybe I am a prospective villain, after all villains do have super-powers too, the negative kind! But I don't wanna get bashed up and locked away in phantom zones or mirror dimensions for eternity, do I? No sir! 
I am aware of my powers and for the universal good, they shall lie buried - The secret of a wannabe super-woman - Electro-Magneto-Neutralizer Super Momma!

On a parting note, I'll never scorn or shoo away a black cat, I know how she feels, to be wielding the yin part of a super-power!

 Image source: Flickeringmyth

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Make the Shift from House to Dream Home with #TATA99HomesFestival

They were sitting in the backseat of the taxi, tired out after the day long house-warming party they'd just attended. Nina was quiet and Nikhil found it strange. "Hey, all okay?" he asked. Nina simply nodded and continued to stare blankly at the fleeting landscape of towering buildings they passed by.

The cab stopped at a traffic light. Nina looked out and the shining lights from a first floor flat caught her eye. The house had an exotic balcony filled with beautiful plants, glowing with fairy lights. There seemed to be some kind of party on. She could see the silhouette of people moving about behind gauzy curtains. The taxi started and Nina let out a little sigh. Now, Nikhil was really worried. "Babe, what's it? What's wrong? Why so quiet?" Nina decided to open up and tell Nik what was bothering her.

"Nikhil, it's been twelve years since we got married. Neel is ten and Varun eight. You've stopped having those blasted transfers. We've shifted nine houses in these years. I've seen neighbors not warming up to us, right after we tell them we've moved in on rent.
I am so tired of drifting around, not belonging to any place. I want to stop worrying whether we can drill nails on the wall or keep wishing we could have the walls painted before the festive season. You know how much I love decorating the house, but in a rented place, it all seems futile. Don't you think it's time we laid anchor? Change from a rented HOUSE to our own DREAM HOME?"

Nikhil's brows furrowed in worry as he realized Nina was genuinely upset. Many of his friends had settled down in their own homes years back while he was shunting about due to job transfers. He hadn't told Nina that he'd been secretly researching the real estate scenario, ever since he'd had a permanent posting. But the homes available seemed either too small, too far away or way beyond their budget. It seemed like they were destined to live in rented houses all their lives. The cab dropped them off and the couple made their way to the flat, each wrapped in his own thoughts.

A week later, while browsing the net, an ad caught Nikhil's eye. He couldn't believe his eyes! He couldn't wait to share his excitement with Nina. "Hey, Nina, come here quickly will you?" Nina came around to see a visibly thrilled Nikhil pointing to his laptop screen. As Nina went through what Nik showed her, she couldn't help screaming out, "Oh my God, oh my God!!! This is too, too, too good! We can do this, right, right Nik?" 

"Yes, yes we can baby! I am confident we can easily afford this and the options are so good. Great construction, wonderful locations and best of all, it comes from such a trust-worthy name! I don't think we can get a better deal than this!"

Nina was practically dancing with joy. "Can you imagine Nik, how cool it would be to live in our own home? Not have a nagging landlord, or an indifferent landlord! Woohoo! My own home, to do what I please with it! Can we please have lavender for our bedroom and turquoise for the boys? And lots and lots of plants, wind-chimes in the balcony, furniture from that darling online website I've been eyeing forever, a beautiful pooja-corner and, and....oh, there are so many things I've been dreaming of for my own sweet home! I think we should go in for a 3BHK, that would be so much better when parents come over, don't you think?" Nina simply couldn't hold still and eagerly went to inform the boys. Nikhil in the meanwhile registered himself on the website. He couldn't help smiling from ear-to-ear; they would finally be having their own dream home. He went to join Nina and the kids as they all rushed to hug him. 
Hooray, dream home, here we come!
Now, dear friends, is your story somewhat similar to Nina and Nikhil's? Are you dreaming of a home of your own but too traumatized by the heavy down payment, EMI's, escalating property costs, wary of big promises and under-quality construction by unreliable builders? Don't you wish you could get your dream home, just the way Nina and Nikhil did? Aren't you simply dying to know what magical site Nikhil visited? 
I won't hold up the suspense any longer!

From a brand name that has been trusted across generations, here comes an unbeatable offer!

Tata Value Homes has come up with its #TATA99HomesFestival as the answer to your prayers!

99 Homes
99 Hours
upto 99% Funding 
Discounts upto 19 lakhs*

*Discounts vary from property to property across TataValueHomes properties.

Now if that isn't a jaw-dropping offer, I don't know what is!

You know what makes this offer unique? 
  • Where else will you get upto 99% funding for buying a home? You need to shell out just a teensy percentage of project cost as down payment and voila, you are sorted. 
  • Their hassle-free, customer friendly options, loan procedures and great discounts will be a blessing to home-buyers.
  • Homes in great locations, that come with the strong credibility of the TATA group with respect to construction and quality amenities.
  • Even if you are an existing home-owner, this opportunity makes perfect sense for you to invest money in considering escalating property rates, and watch your investment appreciate exponentially.

Affordability, Minimum Down payment, Maximum Funding, Hassle-free procedures, Quality Construction, Great Amenities, Value for Money and the Trust-worthy Guarantee of the TATA group of companies.

THAT dear folks, sounds like an exceptionally unbeatable offer! 
So what are you waiting for? 
If you want to move into that dream home, you've been putting on hold for so long, don't wait any longer.

Head right over to the Tata Value Homes website
Register yourself at and watch your dreams come true!!


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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Breathe Pure, Live Healthy, the royale ATMOS way

Hey folks,

I found the easy way to stay healthy! 
You just gotta breathe pure!
Not so simple you say? I disagree!
Oh, you will agree too, once you see this video! the video in full screen mode please!

You could read all that's on the video, right here too!

"Story, story, we want story!" chanted the two children. "Yes, yes, hold it munchkins, coming," Nina called out from the kitchen.

The bedtime routine was never complete without a story. "Achoo!" sneezed Neel followed by Varun's  sporadic cough. 'Oh dear, are these two coming down with a bout of something again?' thought Nina as she walked into their room.

It didn't help that she took every imaginable care to help protect them from repeatedly falling sick. Hand sanitizers, immunity boosting vitamins, fresh nutritious home-cooked meals, ginger-lemon drinks morning and evening...sigh nothing seemed to be helping.

She observed closely to see how they were doing. Neel's face looked flushed and Varun was coughing every few minutes. She narrated a little story to appease them and soon tucked them in.

Worriedly she went to her room and absently switched on the TV. Her favorite actress Deepika Padukone was on screen. But why was she wearing a mask? As the commercial progressed, something clicked in Nina's mind.


She realized she'd been battling an enemy, invisible and unacknowledged. 
An enemy within the very premises of her home
A home that she was so proud of, one she kept spankingly clean. 
Humph! Going by what she'd seen, she wondered what was the logic of all that cleaning if the disease-mongers were living in the very furniture and walls!

She decided to dig further on Google about 'Indoor pollutants'. 
As usual umpteen results popped up! 
She went from one lead to another. What she read left her dazed! How come she never knew this?

Her new found research informed her that,

The air inside your home can be 5 TIMES more polluted than outside.

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC's are emitted from a number of sources within homes. Household furniture made of particle board, MDF, adhesives, varnishes, air freshners, aerosol sprays, paints, vinyl floor coverings, cleaning liquids etc release gases like formaldehyde, benzene, vinyl chloride among several others which cause various health and skin problems and long term exposure to them can be carcinogenic.

Molds that thrive on moist walls, inside Air Conditioning units, in bedding upholstery can produce mycotoxins that can be powerful triggers to allergies and respiratory problems.

Her mind boggled as she read of possible indoor pollutants like Lead, Radon, Nitrogen dioxide, Asbestos and more.

All this was in addition to the pollution that came in through the windows from the outside world. That included particulate matter like dust, smoke, effluents containing harmful gases like Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide and God knows what not!

No wonder, her family fell sick so frequently! She cringed inwardly thinking of the violent asthma attack her mother had encountered when she'd stayed at their place.

What to do, what to do? Obviously she couldn't throw away everything in the house! Nor could they wear protective masks inside the house all through!

It was 9.30 p.m. Nik entered home to find Nina engrossed on the laptop. 
She told him she knew the reason for their family's bouts of sickness and briefed him on the ad she'd seen on T.V.  She felt that the first step towards making their home a healthy place was to be go in for Asian Paints' new paint, Atmos especially with the festive days just around the corner.

Royale Atmos 
A paint with so many laudable features, they observed as they went through the product details on the Asian Paints website.

The paint has Activated Carbon technology which helps neutralize harmful molecules of common indoor pollutant formaldehyde. 

"Nina, it says here in the FAQ's that Atmos will continue to reduce formaldehyde in the indoor air for upto two years post application!"

Nik was further impressed as he read, How Asian Paints tested the efficacy of Royal Atmos. Practical testing of a product was very important after all, and this third party testing had revealed an 85% drop in formaldehyde concentrations after use of Atmos.

Besides removing formaldehyde, Atmos also reduces Malodour causing gases of Nicotine, Hydrogen sulphide and Ammonia that emanate from cigarettes, rotten eggs, garlic etc. 

"Oh that is simply wonderful!" Nina exclaimed, "A paint that absorbs bad smells!"

Atmos emits a soothing fragrance of its own instead of the usual paint smell.

"Wow! That is something!" Nik exclaimed as he hated the typical smell of paint.

There was a helpful video too,

She researched some more and came up with more solutions for her problem, besides this one solution that was firmly etched in her mind.

To improve the Indoor Air Quality she could,

Minimize chemical pollutants by consciously reading labels of products to see if they are certified free of VOC, especially paints, polishes and avoid strong smelling cleaning products. Stop buying furniture made of particle wood or MDF.

Keep the home clean. Regularly clean or change mattresses and pillows. 
Vacuum sofas and carpets. Clean the filters of air conditioning units.

                                                                   Image source: Liveinthenow

Air purifying plants such as 1. Bamboo palm, 2. Snake plant, 3. Areca palm, 4. Spider plant 5.Peace Lily, , 6. Gerbera Daisy, Dracaena, Chrysanthemum, Aloe vera improve the air quality by absorbing harmful gases like formaldehyde and ammonia besides releasing fresh oxygen.
Read: 9 Air cleaning Houseplants that are almost impossible to Kill

Keeping the house well ventilated and keeping humidity at bay keeps the microbial growth in check.

Oh what a relief! She was getting a hang of how to go about solving the problem of indoor pollution! She was indeed thankful to the chance viewing of the Asian Paints Atmos ad, that had triggered all this knowledge-seeking! 

This festive season, she vowed she'd have a home that would be truly beautiful, healthy and free of harmful pollutants!

So dear friends, what are you waiting for? 
Start your pre-festive home-improvement spree now and ensure the health of your loved ones! 

Breathe Pure, 
Live Healthy,
 the royale ATMOS way!

Image sources: Asian paints, Pixabay
References: Asian paints, Wikipedia, WebMD, EPA

I am taking part in the Indiblogger - Asian Paints Blogging contest #CleanAirBeautifulHomes. 
Do visit: 
for more details on Royale Atmos.


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