Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Exam Fever

The clock showed 1.45 a.m. My eyes were red and burning after hours of poring over mountains of notes. 

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I had sorted out the study material (basically xeroxed notes of intellectually superior folks) into different piles. I mentally wondered, why isn't there a scrap of my scribbling anywhere.....didn't I make any notes myself?

Pile 1 (the largest) - Never laid eyes before
Pile 2 - Looks familiar
Pile 3 - Definitely visited but still can't figure out what they are about
Pile 4 (the smallest) - Done and dusted, to the best of my understanding

I noted with distaste that Pile 4, didn't seem to be getting on too well. 
Time to reconsider the plan of action. Much like the Indian team's required run rate based on no. of overs/balls remaining, I calculated the No. of pages to study Vs No. of minutes remaining. This complex calculation took me some time as I couldn't find my calculator. When I looked at the clock next time, it was 2.45 a.m. Atleast now I knew, how deep the waters were that I was wading in!

The required page rate was 5 pages/minute!
Lord! Is that even possible? I mean just reading through a page took me more than a minute, leave alone deciphering/memorizing its complexities!
Sagely, I decided to re-evaluate the piles. Pile 1 was relegated to the deepest recesses of my study cupboard.  The required page rate still showed 3 pages/minute. With trepidation, I stuffed Pile 2 inside the cupboard. I decided to stick to the known devils. The stats had improved! 
I was down to 1 page/minute! That's the best I could do, wasn't it?

The time was 3.20 a.m. The house was so quiet, so were the streets below, I looked out of the window, not a light on in any of the buildings around. A wave of self-pity engulfed me...
Setting the alarm for 4.15 a.m, I settled into an uneasy nap filled with formulas, diagrams, equations flying past me at a dizzying rate.

The sudden, jarring grate of the mixer from the kitchen had me waking with a jerk and a palpitating heart! I snatched up the traitorous alarm clock; it showed 7.30 a.m!
God, help me through this one I fervently prayed, jumping out of bed, hurrying through my toilette. Let there be an earthquake, moderately big and preferably damaging only the exam center, a total strike....aww any catastrophe to avert today's exam! 
I promise, I promise God, next exam I'll be better prepared!

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